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  • National Institute of Corrections: Wellness for Corrections and Supervision Professionals
    Resource dedicated to promoting health and wellness among correctional professionals, offering topics and materials on maintaining safety, managing stress, and achieving work-life balance such as practical guidelines, literature, and webinars.

  • Total Worker Health: Mentoring Toolkit for the Corrections Workforce
    The program was created to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of correctional workers.  Mentors are matched with mentees and they play a crucial role in supporting and helping new correctional staff on the challenges they may face.


  • The Prison Officer Podcast
    This podcast discusses the experiences, lives, challenges of working as a correctional officer. This host highlights one of the toughest jobs, including aspect such as leadership and stress.

  • Trauma From the Frontline
    This podcast is a resource for correctional officers and frontline personnel to gain access to psychologist who specialize in trauma and individuals who have experiences with trauma or trauma-induced work.
  1. 5 must-watch TED talks for correctional officers
    These five TedxTalks cover topics specific to correctional officers, such as practical wisdom in decision-making, the importance of health disagreement for progress, empathy, reframing stress as a positive force, and finding meaning and fulfillment in work besides monetary incentives.
  • Mental Health and First Aid for Correctional Professionals
    This course equips correctional staff with the tools, skills and knowledge to understand and respond to mental health and substance use issues in their peers and colleagues.

  • National Institute of Corrections Popular E-Courses
    The NIC online catalog offers free E-courses for various comprehensive wellness courses designed for correctional professions. Topics range from PREA, to staff wellness, office skills, and offender management.

  • Correctional Officer Training Packet
    This is a physical fitness training packet for day-to-day trainings designed for correctional officers

  • Prison Yoga Project
    The PYP is an evidence-based, trauma-informed yoga program for both staff and inmates, prioritizing healing, rehabilitation, and wellness over punishment.

  • The Peace Officer Wellness, Empathy & Resilience (POWER) Training Program
    This training is a nationally certified interactive curriculum for correctional officers and police that utilizes mindfulness, communication practices and exercises for wellness related issues such as stress management. The skills learned can be translated into their personal and professional life. Please contact the organization for more information!
  • Risky Business: Part 1 of 2 in a Series on Correctional Officer Wellness
    This article describes how to address the critical security and stability needs of correctional staff in jail and prison environments, highlighting the significant risks and how to reduce stress, burnout, and turnover while prioritizing safety and wellness.

  • Correction Officer Safety, Health, and Wellness
    This article highlights the impact of correctional work on health, safety, and wellness with a particular focus on officer suicides and their broader implications – it includes further reports, publications, and officer well-being studies as additional resources, presentations, zoom recordings, and important stats.

  • Correctional Officer Saftey and Wellness Literature Synthesis
    This 36-page investigation highlights the significant health and safety challenges faced by correctional staff, such as exposure to infectious disease, violence, contraband, managing inmate behavior and mental illness, and how these risks contribute to stress, burnout, and even fatalities among correctional officers.

  • Effectiveness of Wellness Programs for Correctional Officers
    This 150+ page dissertation is a qualitative study exploring perceptions of effective and ineffective wellness programs in which findings suggest the implications for improving CO work conditions and promoting positive social change in carceral settings.

  • Prioritizing Wellness for CO’s
    This two-page infographic provides key statistics highlighting risks COs face in the workplace, promoting wellness, and identifying what policymakers can do to support correctional officers.

  • Yoga as a Stress-Reducer for Corrections Professionals
    This article describes the success of the Prison Yoga Project with a response rate of 100%, York County Prison had dedicated funds to, this is an excellent idea and resource for correctional staff health and wellness.
  • Cop to Cop: 1.866.COP2COP
    24-hour peer support program for NJ Law Enforcement Officers and their families.

  • 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
    Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish